Get Your Hands Dirty!

Beginner COMPOST!

As July burns into August, we all know the stench (and the dread) of a days garbage in our kitchens. Everyone has a small space somewhere in their garden to start a compost pile. Many of us however, don’t know how to go about starting one. Our advice: contact your Public Works Department. The City of Cambridge will provide residents with a compost bin for the reasonable sum of $50.

Mine is simply in the corner of my garden where I throw anything that I weed, deadhead or prune. I also add lettuce and other greens from the kitchen, but you have to be careful not to attract animals. Beside that I do very little. Over the last few years I’ve noticed how rich the soil is in this corner… weeds grow like crazy and vegetables even volunteer their seeds starting compost squash or tomatoes. Take shovels of this newly enriched black earth and spread it around your garden. The flowers will LOVE you for it.

Best part: it doesn’t even stink! In fact, a properly maintained compost pile should give off a very organic, earthy odor.