Get Your Hands Dirty!

Before & After

Introducing…. The JBL “Before & After” series!  Here is one of our favorite examples.

This parterre garden belongs to a 200-year old coach house turned single family home on the Old Post Road in Connecticut. In order to match the patina of the original structure, we gathered brick from three sources and had them tumbled in sand to round-off the edges. The brick bones of the garden are articulated by rows of baby boxwood and act as a border for a mix of old-fashioned flowering perennials including – alchemilla mollis (Lady’s Mantle), nepeta (Catnip), artemisia, delphinium, Siberian iris and phlox. Espaliered apple trees adorn the garden walls.

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As we enter into New England’s warmer months, here at Jean Brooks Landscapes we are busy on site building and installing our carefully conceived designs. Through a thoughtful and inspired design and budgeting process, we can help you create the garden of your dreams. We hope you will call us.

Spring Containers

This spring our containers look extra special. Here’s a peek…


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You may have noticed the magnolias this spring come and go like lightening. Their bloom-time is always short but this year was especially fleeting because of the warm spell and then cold snap. The Star  (stellata) and Saucer (soulangeana) magnolias were especially affected by this unusual weather. But luckily, the later blooming Cucumbertree (acuminata) is going strong this April. Check out the blooms on this pale YELLOW Magnolia ‘Butterflies’ we spotted in the Boston Common yesterday. Enjoy your weekend with a walk through Boston’s most glorious garden!