Get Your Hands Dirty!

‪Autumn Flowering Cherry‬ / Prunis subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’

… Spotted in Central Square by our Lead Designer, Maryellen on this warm December day!! This cherry tree is famous for its ability to produce lovely pink buds and white flowers off and on during a warm autumn season and then fully flower in the spring. In addition to the sporadic fall bloom, the foliage turns bronze, yellow, gold or deep-red tinged to contribute to the beauty of the winter season. Also, the tree has an attractive bark which adds winter interest. Who doesn’t LOVE CHERRY BLOSSOMS IN DECEMBER?! Keep your eyes peeled for the good cherry blossoms of Cambridge!




You may have noticed the magnolias this spring come and go like lightening. Their bloom-time is always short but this year was especially fleeting because of the warm spell and then cold snap. The Star  (stellata) and Saucer (soulangeana) magnolias were especially affected by this unusual weather. But luckily, the later blooming Cucumbertree (acuminata) is going strong this April. Check out the blooms on this pale YELLOW Magnolia ‘Butterflies’ we spotted in the Boston Common yesterday. Enjoy your weekend with a walk through Boston’s most glorious garden!